Dolomytos Wines

The vineyards were planted with many different varieties from many growing regions (Greece, France, Spain). The vinification was done in a very natural way - with oxidative ageing, fermentation in wooden barrels, long ageing of the wines in wooden barrels, partly also additional flavouring with different herbs.

Reiner Zierock was a visionary, lateral thinker, agricultural philosopher, genius, tinkerer and sometimes chaotic.
After his death in 2009 and the death of the owner Dr Margit Hubmann in 2012, the estate was auctioned and acquired by the Marginter family in 2013. The goal of the new owners is to continue and perfect the winery according to the ecological and natural principles of Prof. Zierock and the organic and biodynamic methods. The winery "Ansitz Dolomytos Sacker" was certified organic in 2016 and has an area of about 3 hectares on the Ritten and about 0.5 hectares in the municipality of Tramin.