Winery Dolomytos Sacker

Ansitz Dolomytos Sacker is a somewhat special winery. It is located in South Tyrol in the municipality of Ritten at an altitude of 500 metres on steep, south-facing, highly weathered porphyry soils in a very warm hillside location.

The winery was created between 1998 and 2009 by Prof. Dr. Rainer Zierock, professor of Greek mythology and agricultural philosophy, according to his ideas. From Prof. Dr. Zierock's name "Ansitz Dolomytos" and the old farm name "Sacker", the farm name "Ansitz Dolomytos Sacker" has resulted for us. All renovations and facilities were designed according to the five elements principle of Rudolf Steiner's teachings. The Pentagon (five elements, five corners) and Panta Rei ("everything flows") shape the philosophy of this special winery.